Cosmic snow storm nails

Hiya .. soooo firstly.. Hooray as the world doesn't seem to have ended or switched poles (?!) or anything like that which is actually a weight off my shoulders I must admit ^_^ so I'm glad you all survived 21/12/2012 as well.. to celebrate heres a quick pick of my winter/cosmic nails.. kinda like rainbow meteor showers mixed with the second ice age theory lol ( They are a VERY optomistic portrayal of both these things..I'm guessing - but hey..who knows!? Always look on the bright side of a potential apocalypse life is what I always say!
 Not many pics today though... I had a slight kitchen incident so the other hand is less than glamorous with it's massive plaster.. Lesson learned now though I'm never making fruit salad again.. ironically I was only making a fruit salad coz I thought it' be good for me... forget being healthy.. I have never once gained an injury from cake!
I found a white polish in the back of the polish drawer (luckily before I went and brought a new one!) and I used a mix of sponginging/ ombre technique and a layered jelly glitter sandwich technique.
 Now I see the pics up close they look a little messy but I was at a disadvantage with the bad finger being on my right hand it was like having both left hands .. alsooo I didnt really mind them being a little less perfect this time seeing it was maybe the end of the world and all that..
So that's all I got for today..but I'll have to do some new ones soon coz when I take the plaster off the middle nail is
Hope everyone is happy and well. Back soon x


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  1. Yea, we are all here and very happy being able to read your cheerful post:)Love the nails' design! .So sorry for your injured finger, get well soon!
    Have a nice day! Anna

  2. Sorry about your finger :( The mani is very, very cute!!!