Summer lovin' nails

I created these nails as my entry in Twinkle Twinkles  'Summer of Color 2' challenge, the colour scheme this week was luscious- looking 'rainbow sherbet icecream' (oranges/pinks and a hint of white) I really liked the whole idea behind the challenge and was soo happy to get invited over, I couldn't wait to get started ..the photo of the rainbow sherbet ice cream looked this a real flavour? I hope so...I want it!! 
image source twinkletwinklelikeastar.blogspot

Anyways I decided to use the gorgeous colour scheme to make a glowing summer sunset sky scene.. I like it a lot, I loved playing with blending all these pinks and oranges together ^_^  I added pearly white clouds and gold details for the sun light shining through. I also added some ultra fine loose glitter in pink and orange for that extra bit of sunset magic.

I used so many different polishes in the creation of this look ^_^ starting with a really pale buff pink base and just building up gradually with sponging technique until I got into the more vibrant and beautiful neon shades in my collection (my favourites).
I was happy with the thumbs, I used a shimmery orange polish for a highlight in some of the sponging and it really works with the glitter for a sunset glow-y look. Doing the Summer of Color challenge really encouraged me to experiment with the shades and adding depth with shimmers and metallics and the pearl white in the clouds to come up with the finished project so thanks for the inspiration Kristen!
I didn't use all of these polishes, I just pulled out all the ones that fitted the colour scheme and got experimenting from there...I prob used about half ^_^ but I just quite liked the pic. 
Hope you like the nails and head over to Twinkles blog to find out the full details of her inspired challenge and look at other bloggers art.. it's really cool because everybody is using the media of their own choice so there's so much variation to see!
Back soon with some more nails, I have another post ready to go up that was inspired by one of my lovely followers comments! Thanks for reading x


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  1. Wow, those nails are fabulous - I just love how the colours are so beautifully blended (surely that's not done with the brush that comes with each pot of polish is it?). Each one is such a pretty little work of art - what a great idea for the challenge.

  2. Whoop whoop another blogger whose not far from me :) You just never know who your going to find on these blog hops do you?
    I love your nail art, it's inspiring me to bust out my polish and try some.
    x x x

  3. Fabulous nail art for the SOC. Annette x

  4. Wow! What amazing nails. Truly stunning.


  5. They look absolutely fabulous !

  6. Oh I so need to direct my teenage daughter in the direction of your blog :) She is just getting slightly obsessed with nail art and will love this post - she tries to interest me but I've never been a girly girl and am a terrible nail chomper (I know, awful habit!)

    So clever - and so pretty.

  7. wow-- that is some serious art work on those nails. my 15 year old would love it! she spends a good deal of her time focused on her nails! :-)

    and yes, rainbow sherbet is a real flavor-- you must try it-- delicious!

  8. I am seriously impressed by your take on the topic... I am rubbish at painting nails so I am in total awe of your fabulousness... sorry I am so late getting here for week 1 and can't wait to see what you get up to for week 2...xx

  9. Fabby! I am looking forward to choco chip mint from you...!

  10. Your Rainbow Sherbert nail art is gorgeous ... love it!! Looking forward to your week 2 now!!
    Jan x

  11. These are amazing and so clever!!

  12. What a great the