Happy new year!

Happy New Year to everyone and all the best wishes for the season! I hope everyone has had some time to enjoy themselves over this festive period!.. These are the nails I wore over the christmas holiday until today (time for some new ones!)
I didn't get a chance to do a tutorial I'm sorry about that but I got a bit busier than I had realised I would be... also the pics aren't the best ever taken but I still wanted to share them because I am really happy with how some of them turned out..especially the thumbs.
I wanted to show a winter scene with some coloured 'temple' style buildings like you see in russian landscapes but I must admit perhaps I was a little to adventurous on such a small scale!
I added a figure walking with their dog and a horse drawn sleigh on the other hand.
This is my favourite nail of the design it turned out so neatly.. I hope you like them too and can see what I was going for, I have some new polishes to try and will surely be back soon when I have something new to photograph!
Have a great time if you are celebrating the new year x


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1 comment:

  1. Happy New Year! :)We had a great celebration here!
    By the way, just the first look at your nails, and I recognized those Russian churches and cathedrals! They look gorgeous and very well done in such a tiny canvas:)