Rock 'n Rio nails

 Hiya, I'm back.. I've got some super summerlicious nails, it may not be showing any signs of actual summer here yet but the nails will do I guess..
 I am still enjoying taking part in Twinkle twinkles 'Summer of color challenge' - this week the colour scheme was pink and yellow based on this glorious strawberry lemonade punch icecream mmmmmm so I got my thinking cap on to try and made a suitabley summery and glorious design ;-)
The colour scheme this week got me thinking about a perfume ad I've seen before, it has a really summer/fun/party/vibrant feel about it..which I liked for a nail inspiration!
  I always liked pink and yellow, and I love all the mix and match textures in the pic. I knew I could definately work the shading into some nail art but I wanted to show some of the other aspects aswell. Below are some pics of the finished look - I went for the background shading on some nails and tried to replicate the fabric of the models (left) outfit.. what do you think?
So that is the finished look... as you will see in the step by step below I started out with a pink design for 1 nail on each hand (the design was based around the other models (right) top) but once the whole set was finished I ended up changing it to match the flowers, I think it fits the colour scheme better but it would've seemed a shame to not include the step by step pics for that reason, so here it is:
Step by step...
 1. First I painted my base colours.
 2. I started the sponging with a pinky peach polish on the upper half of the chosen nails.
 3. Next I applied sponging in yellow on the lower half of the nails and blend in at the middle.
 4. I added to the sponging with my dark pink polish on the tips of the nails.
 5. I painted white curved stripes on to the pink nails.
 6. Using a dotting tool I place pink and yellow dots on the remaining white nails.
7. I used a fine nail art brush next to paint on petals for the flowers.
8. With gold polish and a fine nail art brush I painted smaller petals inside each flower (this was a tad time consuming but worth it in the end).
I also painted yellow stripes onto the pink nails and finished with a floral detail (same technique as I just explained but with white petals instead).
Lastly I added details to the pink/yellow shading nail - stars and dots, for this I used a fine brush and dotting tool (see below for a close-up pic).
Wait for everything to be thoroughly dry before finishing with a clear top coat to protect the look (every time!)

 This was the thumb before I changed it, I do quite like it really - it was more the boldness of the colour that made things unbalanced. I really like the yellow stripes on pink it will undoubtedly end up in another look at some point in the future ^_^
 But yeah this (below) is how I have it now (minus the pink nails) and I'm happy with them.
close-up of detail on the 'background fade' nails
I 'm really pleased with the flowers... I love finding new techniques for floral designs, this one really looks like a fabric print or something .
Hope you like these, I'm pleased I made the change ..I prefer them this way but I'll definatley remeber the pink design for the future! Back soon with some more nails for you as soon as I get them uploaded! thanks for reading x


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  1. Awesome nails chica! :) love the detail, very skilled! and pink and yellow always a winner in my book! x

  2. thanks chica..i know pink and yellow are some of ur colours arent they ha! glad u like 'em.. got there in the end!

  3. fabulous and yes they look like fabric

  4. Wow - I would struggle to do that on paper, let alone on my nails

  5. They really are great - I love the way you shaded them and got the colours so perfect. The darker pink one is gorgeous too. Beautiful work - and so clever too!

  6. These are amazing, so creative and fun!! I love these and the last ones too!! Wow so very impressive!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Your nails are fantastic...they are beautiful and obviously take a we to do but its definitely worth get to walk around with pretty.nails all the

  8. Amazing! LOVE what you did with this weeks colour combo :)

  9. Absolutely awesome ...they look quite luxurious!

  10. Love love love the design! Rio is my dream place to go to :))

  11. Loving your gorgeous designer nails Bonita. Happy Summer of Colour, Annette x

  12. What a possibilities, fantastic.
    lovely greet

  13. They are AMAZING..... I really really LOVE them!


  14. I am jelous of your nail art skiiillssss!!

  15. Fantastic strawberry lemonade nails!

  16. I look forward to seeing your take on the challenge each week. this one is yummy! Now are you considering relocating to Canada? I promise to be a steady customer - I would get my nails redone every week!!

  17. Your beautiful nails are the nearest I'm going to get to summer anytime soon so thank you :) People must comment on your nails wherever you go!

  18. WOW!. You made art journal looks like kindy!!. LOL. This is awesome that you paint every little detail yourself. You 'nailed' it, exactly like in the add :).