Winter-land nails

Hello, hope everyone had a nice weekend. These are my wondrous winter-land nails, I've been looking forward to trying another landscape nail art design ever since creating my Casa con cactus nails earlier in the year. I think the little snow capped winter village is so festive it makes me think of cute Christmas cards or a snow globe scene.
I intend to do a step by step for this nail design before Christmas for you - but it's the kind of tutorial which will involve me being all organised and actually having some decent light to take the pics throughout (both of these things have been proving difficult lately but I will try to make it my mission to accomplish). 
Until then I hope these pics will be enough to keep you satisfied ^_^
As usual I have managed to sneak some glitter in here; in the sky for shiny stars (love it) and my emerald green glitter is getting a bit more love; I used it to highlight the pine trees to great effect.
Here are a couple of close ups (the houses look a bit wobbly this close up though hehe don't judge me - they're just very old/rickety houses I swear).
I was thinking about trying the design the other way round next time with the snowy edge at the tip end of the nail and the blue sky at the cuticle end.. I couldn't decide which way up would look better (I never know - is it better for the design to be the right way around for me or for the person who is looking at my nails?) but this way round I figured I can enjoy them best and I'll be the one spending the most time with them.
Well I don't know about you but I kind of wish I lived in this street.. (I've always had a thing for tiny houses) I painted some teeny weeny footprints going to the door on one of the houses on my left thumb so I'm thinking that can be my house, if anyone else wants live in the other houses that's fine..but you have to be nice..and have a pet; those are just the rules of the street..don't look at me like
I will be back soon with something new for you and hopefully a tutorial for this kind of design.
Thanks for reading


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  1. Wow, great job! It reminds me of Christmas cards. x)

  2. wow! so tiny picture! great job:) and just on time for a season!

  3. WOWZAAAS These are stunning!!!

  4. they are adorable little snow scene, they must have taken you ages... so talented!!

  5. All I have to say about this is WOW!!!!!