2017 brings the long awaited revival of the blog! (Hoorah)
The observant among us will have already noticed that it also brings the reincarnation of the blog! 
No longer going by Bonita bon bons we have rebranded the blog and business under the far catchier title
This year is set to be all about rejuvenation and resurgence I hope you guys are as ready for it!

Please bare with me while I get the blog 100% back in full swing - If you stumble across any technical glitches while visiting the blog please do drop me a comment so I can get it resolved .

New features to check out on the brand spanking new getPAINTED blog are:

Brand new branding and logo to enjoy
New post format (moving away from doing tutorials - unless requested for a particular look and focusing on just sharing some regular original nail eye candy with you all)
Upcoming getPAINTED merch and goodies designed by the freshest new artists on the streets right now. 
Soon to be revamped Gallery page (bare with me)
And much more...

2017 is going to be a good year .... Catch you all back here A.S.A.P!




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