Princess peach nails

Hi I've been getting busy again... well on the nails front at least! Heres a pic of my latest look

I love this its such a party princess look... totally full on I know but well worth the effort and honestly it wasn't so hard to do, just a steady hand and strong top coat. First up I painted the nails all over in Revlon Peach Smoothie (I really like this on it's own but it's next to impossible for me to stop at this point).

Next step painted the tips white, I have given up onthe Beauty UK nail polishes for nail art, they're super cheap and good colours just noot good for layering up or anything difficult.. so I used a random white one from a set it has no brand on soz.

let that dry then using MUA Pink shade 16 (this make is quite cheap too but actually ok its not thick or gloopy at all and you get alot of use from a small pot) I use a fine nail art brush and paint a pink line over the white tips... I added a twirly bit which was a bit of a pain and actually you can hardly see it in the finished look so might not be worth it ;-)

I chose how I wanted the gems to be before starting sticking them on so I wouldnt get mixed up, I painted a strong clear top coat over the area I want the gem pattern (give it a moment to get a little sticky) then carefully- I used a slightly damp nail art brush , pick up the gems and place on the nails until full pattern is on all 10 nails.

Give this plenty of time to dry I normally leave a bit longer than normal when Im sticking gems on to make sure it sets underneath before applying a final and thorough top coat to seal the whole thing.
Thats it done... time to paaarrrttttyyyy xxxx

This look totally reminds me of magic gems or jewels or something, I can't stop looking at them sparkling away! Everyone should definatley try this look whatever the occasion... enjoy x


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  1. oooooooooooh my god..i totaly love it!!! Thats exactly as I love to do on mine :) such a me:D You r great with this ideas ...your nails looks just amazing :) cant wait to be your client :)
    btw:u have another chapter on fb :) and I am working on another

  2. They are bling tastic! Love them, very impressive nails! :)

  3. Very very pretty!
    Well done!

  4. Hey, just a quick question.
    Did you just use a top coat to attach the gems?
    And were they hard to get off?

  5. @claire: yup I paint the nail with top coat, then leave for a sec so its tacky, dont wait too log if your using loads of gems (depends how quick u r at applying them i supose) then just stick gems on the top coat, leave to dry, then i usually add a finishing layer of top coat over the gems. this really holds them on well but regular nail varish remover will get it off. If u dont apply the last coat you'll find it comes off pretty easy if you only want them on for a day or night out.... have fun ciao