spring fling nails

Today I felt inspired by spring starting up again..and my nails finally just about being back in shape and decent length to go to any trouble on, soo I made up this simple design, I called it 'Spring fling'. I loooove the colours in the Revlon range the green is 'minted' and the pink is 'posh pink' both Revlon.
I started with 2 coats of the green, its quite thin but easy to make even. Next I painted a horizontal line across each nail with the pink up to the tip like a french (just take ur time and if a little goes on the finger around c'est la vie fix it later ^_^). When its tooootally dry I used a pearly white nail varnish polish pen to draw dots along the line then stuck my pink/green gems on (I did all the pink in 1 go then all the green so I didnt get in a total mess) u can just use a clear top coat instead of the white nail pen, it doesnt show that much anyway in the finished look, just remember to let the polish have a second or 2 to set b4 sticking the gems on so they dont slide around to much. I pressed the gems down softly to make sure they're stuck tight and let dry again.. patience! go make a coffee....beeee careful! ok when thats all dry apply top coat, I did the lower part first and make sure it doesnt all pool up under the gems at this point by quickly doing a horiontal stroke under the gems to remove to much excess polish caught there, then do the top coat just lightly on the gems to fix them and on the tip section which is easy. maybe another thin topcoat if ur obsessed like me and u wanna keep them on. mainly just b patient between each layer thats the biggest (and hardest) tip!

Hope u all give this look a try if u like it it's really versatile , in whatever colours u have and ur nails dont need to b long!
I did this look in grey/pink on my sister for a short nail example and without the gems for a bit more practicle look ;-)

 I only just did my nails (and my sisters lol) for the first time in ages so I am pretty happy with the look and how they turned out but I'll keep practising and keep them posted here. Enjoy x


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  1. its cuuuuute :) I am making appointment with yaaa mweeeeeeah

  2. thanx hun x appointment noted ;-)

  3. Ooh, your nails are lovely!! Coming over from your sister's follower!!! Hugs xxx

  4. Hi! Stopped by from your sisters blog to check out your pretty nails! Love them!

  5. Thanks everyone! Im so happy to have all these new followers, hope I can keep it interesting for u all..have a good day guys! x