Party ring nails...yum!

 Hi again.....Wow what a gorgeous sunny day it's been, so lucky in Brighton today. I was really happy you guys liked the first design I did, it was sad to say goodbye to it and it lasted really well for that kind of style (yay!). Sooo I made the most of the spring weather today by heading to the shops ..I could NOT resist some new Revlon colours NEW new as in I couldn't cope.... I had to get 2!  ;-) I got 042 Sunshine yellow and 345 Peach smoothie ,they're so sweet the yellow looks faintly shimmery but still lovely and matte, the peach is scented oooh and I was a teensy bit sceptical but it reeally smells tasty like peach yoghurt now its dry... but I definatley have to remember not to be walking around sniffing my nails all day tommorrow (not lady like!). The design today has a fun inspiration:


 I dont know if you get these everywhere but my sister and I are life long fans of Party Rings they are like iced sugar cookies and just sooooo cute (absolute party essential... if theres no party rings, its not a party in my book! lol) so as a tribute to the tastiest and prettiest biscuits I know today is PARTY RING NAILS day!

the line up.. featuring my new yellow and peach!

Yay I hope you like them.
I did a base coat with a  really sheer french pink, next I painted the tips in alternating pale pink, pastel yellow, pale purple, peach and candy pink. (I will list all polishes full names at the end) I let this dry, I'm getting good at being patient now, the Revlon polish drys quite quickly as well, as long as you keep each coat nice and thin I always have pretty good results.  Then I used a thin nail art brush (I brought a set on ebay of different sizes but they're not marked, I just picked a narrow 1) and using white, pink and yellow I drew random stripes over the tips to match the party ring colour scheme, at the end I topped it all off with clear top coat and its done! quite quick and I might be biased but I'm so happy with them :-D Hooray for Party Rings and painted nails!
before the stripes...

and with the stripes..

The finished look *^_^*

For short nails firstly I bribed my sis with cookies (which she wasn't allowed to eat until nails were dry and photos done..sorry lol) and used her as the model, I just painted up the whole nail the same way I did the tips on mine ...easy! thanks can eat your cookies now!
the short nails version

both styles together

Polishes I used:
French pink (sorry this came from a set I dont know the make really)
 Revlon 042 Sunshine Sparkle,
            345 Peach Smoothie,
            031 Lilac Pastelle,
            090 Posh Pink,
Barry M 308 Berry,
Beauty UK 47 white.
....Mine!   *^_^*

Well I hope you like both the new looks, I have to admit the colours on the photograph sometimes dont do justice to the shades but I do try as hard as I can to get it looking accurate. I'll be thinking up another design soon so stay tuned and thanks for stopping by! Get those nails painted and have a good weekend everybody!


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  1. They are total awesomeness! Thank you for giving me party ring nail! ..and party rings! :)

  2. yummi... they look sooo delicious :P really nice one for a spring weather ..:)