Spotty nails experiment

Spotty nail art 10 different ways to do spotty style!

 First I paint the base coat using bright colours.

Barry M - 306 Blueberry
Barry M - 307 Lemon
Barry M 279 - Bright pink
2True - 4 lime green
Rimmel nail tip whitener
Rimmel - 740 clear

I created all the designs free hand, for this look I have used no specialist equipment not even a nail art brush, I have just used the nail polish brush to carefully create variations of spotty patterns. Have fun trying these or making your own. This look is so fun and funky I cant wait to wear them actually! I'll add some more photos when I do. Thanks for checking out my blog, have a good day/ weekend everybody.
 See you soon x


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  1. I love these! They are going to look so cute (and neat!) we shall theme your day off around these nails! :) xx

  2. Hey!
    Hope you're well!
    Missing seeing your cute nail posts