Reach for the stars! rainbow brite nails

Heey guys! do you like my nails this week?! I had them for 1 day only because of the new job so I thought I'd make them special ones. As you can see I've gone for false nails. I didn't used to use falsies but it's such a fun luxury for me to have long nails for 1 day a week! I was so excited on the way to my day off - getting these ready and thinking of my outfit for the day, I even did my toe nails purple to match the base colour. But I feel a bit mean coz theres no tutorial for you today. I have been really busy but if anyone has questions just leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

 I had the pleasure of the company of my good friend V on my day off so this is us catching up over cherry fizz cocktails which was very nice (the drink and the company!)

 This is the reason for the false nails by the way... I'm used to them now, I actually quite like the fact I can take like a whole week to make a design for my nails and just put them on the side when I go to work. I brought a multi pack from Superdrug with different sizes it came with the glue so I just stuck them on on Wednesday, I didn't do the most amazing job of glueing them on, but I guess I need a bit of practice ;-) I was a bit scared the glue would be really strong and I wouldn't be able to remove them but it was fine I just eased them off I used a cotton bud with nail varnish remover for the tricky bits, everybody who feels grumpy about having short nails for work should definately start doing this!! it's probably the best idea I had all month! lol  ^_^

Hope you like them, I'll be back soon, I'll try to do a proper tutorial again next time sorry about that! I have already decided what I'm having next week yay. have a good week everybody and enjoy your free time!


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  1. Nice to have you back! :)
    The nails are really pretty! and that cherry fizz cocktail sounds yum!

  2. These are some of my fav nails, because they remind me of 80's kid nostalgia, love em! :)
    Hmm.. the cherry fizz cocktails look good.. you should have smuggled me one back! ;)

  3. P.S. I'm looking forward to your day off nails tomorrow! (and circus! whoop! ..if we get in) :)