summer ice lolly party nails

more pics of finished look at the end!

Hello, another week full of work has flown by, I've been trying to make the most of my free time when I have any! I've wanted to do this tutorial for a while because I LOVE the amount of things you can create with this technique.. I will show how to make DIY nail decals that you can stick on any nails real/fake, long/short no matter how good you are at painting detailed nail art on your hands. yay.. it's really simple and you can do any design you want, either free hand or traced.

1) I drew some simple ice lolly designs, you could obv. use anything you want for your design.

2) Using a nail art pen I trace the designs on to a clear plastic bag. I drew a bunch of spares because I know I will mess some up at some point! It is just an ordinary household bag - you can use any sandwich bag, freezer bag, cellophane - type plastic that you have, the less-creased the better.

3) let the out outline dry before filling them in with coloured nail polish. The side of the decal which is facing down will be the front of the decal in  the end, so if you want to create details - you should do these first, let dry and then fill in the rest (for example see above with the pink oval shaped lolly).
 Paint up-to/over the outlines so that the decals don't have holes, you may want to use a nail art brush for detailed designs but it's not always essential - I only used it for the lolly sticks in my design, the outlines make life a lot easier. I let all this dry in stages and apply a clear top coat to each decal (the last layer of clear polish is now what will be the back of the decal so don't panic if the edges turn up a bit when they dry - they will sit on the nail fine!)

4)   When all polish is COMPLETELY dry  the decals will really easily peel off the plastic, if you just bend the plastic a bit to get them started you can just slide them off ready to apply later, just be gentle with them and keep them flat.

5) I paint a base coat to the nails.

choose the best size and  order for your look

6) Allow the base coat to dry, then apply clear nail polish to the nail, pick up your decal using a moistened wooden stick or gently with your finger tip - place it onto the nail, press the decal onto the nail surface gently with the wooden stick starting in the centre, moving out and pressing down all the edges very carefully. Allow time to dry.

I fix the nails to a pot with blu - tac to make it easier to work on them

You can finish your nail art here if you want, just add a final top coat after the decals have set and they will still be really detailed , original nails.... bbbbuuut I do love to go a bit further with my one - day nails so here is what I did next:

7) I chose to use a selection of pink and purple gems/ pearls and metallic shapes to embellish the background of the design, I apply a coat of clear polish to the nail and use a wooden stick to move the gems etc onto the nail surface.

8) Allow time to dry and add finishing top coat (if desired).

Hope you like them of course and I hope you will try this technique its an easy way to getting really impressive nail art, and you can take your time getting them right and have a few back- ups available.

the finished look!


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