Birthday cake nails

These are my Birthday cake nails! I'm having early birthday nails this year.. My actual birthday is on the 9th but who's to say how early I begin the celebrations! I'm hoping for at least a week of celebration ^_^  it's only once a year so I'm making the most of it!
 I loove pink and yellow together, it's such a happy combination.. I also love jam and cream layer cakes with icing and sprinkles (who doesn't!) so I just can't stop looking at these today! (100% guilt free cake... amazing!!)
 I used a dotting tool to paint on the jam and cream to create a more realistic effect - like it had been iced onto the cake with a piping bag.
 I have another reason for having the birthday nails a little early aswell which is because I'm going to be away on holiday..yay! My blog will be unattended for a week but there will be at least 1 more post before I go on Thursday to show you my holiday nails for this year! I'm not telling you where I'm going yet.. the next nails can be a clue ^_^
Hope you like the birthday cake design. Back soon x


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1 comment:

  1. I love these, super awesome nails! they really make me want cake though! x