Electric lady nails

Hiya! as promised here's a quick peek at my current nail art..
nice and bright for my holiday woop woop!
 So any ideas where I might be going on my birthday trip? the colour is the main clue....
I just love how bright this orange is, it practically glows - This was a bargain polish by w7 in #9 Orange dazzle it's got loads of iridescent glitter in, the coverage is great - very even/ builds up quickly and dries pretty quick between coats.
On top of my orange base I used some more awesome fluorescent colours for the detail.
The pink, green and orange are all by Trosani and because they are striper polishes they have a super fine brush so this type of design is really simple to create. The yellow is by BYS I used my regular fine tipped nail art brush to apply.
I finished them with a couple of coats of clear top coat.. even though glitter polish is normally pretty 'secure' to the nail once it dries it's still good to finish with clear coat to smooth the surface and also it enhances the sparkle in the glitter for the finished look.
These nails are going to be perfect for my holiday because glitter polishes always last well so I wont need to worry about chipping any details and not being able to fix them.. they have a secret power aswell..... check it out!
Yay transformation! it's like my nails have a double identity - how cool do they look in the UV light?  amazing (haha and you thought they were bright before! ha) ...I am going to definitely have to go out partying!!!
As for the holiday destination - where else would I want to go for my birthday other than Amsterdam!! of sweets and cakes hooray, I'm off to Holland but I promise I'll be back soon with more nails for you.. Have a nice week everyone  xx


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  1. oh wow! cool design..i mean - neon :))) nice idea for a club party!

  2. Oooooo! Such a brill design, loving the neon too :)