Frisky blizzard nails

 Hi again, it's that time of year isn't it.. Jack frost is out and about nipping peoples noses and d'you know what that means? ..yup.... festive nails! hoorah
...and this year I think I'm actually ready to put back the neon polish already (I've had my fill) and get stuck into some seasonally festive designs ( I kinda skipped the whole halloween nails's not so big in the UK - well not with me lol) but yaya shimmery/ bejewelled/ magical/ majestical winter nails are right up my street so prepare to be potentially bombarded with stuff over the next month.. hip hip hooray!
This look is inspired by the wintery nip in the air that makes you hurry on your way when your walking about, I personally LOVE the start of the cold period - getting my scarf and gloves out, wrapping up in leg warmers and my puffer jacket, everyones starting to think about xmas shopping aswell and decorations will go up soon.. I wanted the nails to look frosty and magical like a crisp,glittery winter morning.. hopefully I succeeded.
 ..And as promised I have included some pics of my lovely engagement ring for you guys to see;
 ..even the box is soo nice,
 ..Ta da!
 Aw so perfect, couldn't have picked a nicer one myself!
(I just put it in the box to show you guys.. I haven't taken it off since I got it really) I wear alot of jewellery and I really love this choice it goes so well with my other pieces - I would have been happy with anything I'm sure but it makes me double/triple happy to see that my lovely man knows me so well!
 O.K sorry enough about that (but I did warn you there would be some ring pics..I couldn't exactly not include my engagement on my blog could I!!!??) (no.. is the answer)
 Back to the nails:
I used  another w7 polish in this look (I have recently been spying this brand all over the place.. they have a really exciting range of colours).
-I began with the shimmery blue base - I did 2 coats ,
-next it was the purple/blue glitter by Claires cosmetics
-followed by a 3rd coat of the w7 blue.
-I then added a little more of the purple/blue glitter just on the tip area
-and finally the 'holo' glitter polish by models own also just to the tip area. I finished of with clear top coat to smooth and seal the look.
Anyway I have been in such a jolly mood this week, I hope the seasons changing are putting other people in a good frisky elfish mood aswell and not just me..coz I'd hate to just be the only one skipping about enjoying christmas lights and wooly tights!!
I'll be back soon x


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  1. First of all, the ring awesome! I love the stones and the way they make a flower, a gorgeous choice by your man! Congrats once again :)
    Second, the nail design as usual is so beautiful. Oh believe me, I am in a winter/Christmas mood even at +25 over here! I would LOVE to experience a little bit of frost...Have a great day ahead!

  2. I'm just catching up on blogs and I've just seen you're engaged!!!