Blue forest berry nails

Hiya I wanted to share some more nails with you all, Yes more glitter because everywhere I look I'm seeing glitter and I think it's addictive ^_^
This finished design makes me think of rich red berries hidden deep in a moonlit fairytale pine forest somewhere (fancy ..I know hehe but that's what they make me think of ok).
I wanted to show you all how simple it is to create completely new and interesting customised looks just by experimenting with glitter polishes and coloured polishes that you already have in your collection but might not have considered using together before.
No need to shell out on new party polishes as long as you have a bit of imagination and some old favourites glitters you can achieve great results!
1.  I started with a royal blue polish by Claire's cosmetics.. I just used 1 coat because there a few layers still to come that will build up.
2.  Next I used 1 coat of a fine emerald green glitter by Claire's. (This polish I have had for ages I love it but hardly ever get a chance to use it)
 3. On top of the green I added a coat of silvery purple Claire's glitter polish ( I use this one quite a bit) it also has tiny blue flecks in.
 4. On top of the (dry) glitter polishes I added another coat of the royal blue polish, the glitter is dulled underneath but you can still see the green shimmering and the bigger paler glitters catching the light.
5.  On to the blue layer I add my new* Clarie's polish which is a lovely ruby red glitter, I just used 1 coat because I wanted it to look like festive berries and not to engulf the whole background that I've worked on.
* I thought it was reasonable that I treat myself to just 1 teensy weensy polish the other day seeing as it'll be good for this time of year - I know I'll get plenty of opportunity to use a pretty red like this.
 6. I finished the look with clear top coat and allow to thoroughly dry and that's it.
I hope you like the idea and feel inspired to save yourself some money by experimenting with your old polishes rather than immediatley buying a new polish for the christmas party this year! I'm pleased with them anyway. I wanted to have a magical wintery feel but keep the look wearable and contemporary.
Back soon with something new for you. Take care all x


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  1. Cute! I love the fun layering. :)

  2. If there's one thing I love, it's blue glitter! Gorgeous layering, if I tried that it would be an absolute mess!

  3. Looks amazing! Will be great for any party, especially during this winter Holidays! But I think you really need to have some good nail polishes which dry fast and are not soft after applying so many coats. I shall think of it :)

  4. Your nails look lovely - I really like the sparkly effect, and how chunky the glitter is.