Ombre jelly nails

Hellooo all, It's been some time since my last post. Sorry to anyone who's been missing me :-( I have many excuses but I wont bore you guys with all that..the good news is I got ENGAGED so I will be Mrs bon bons soon (or something haha),
I went in the newsagent today and the lady who served me complimented my nails so I felt inspired to post..
 In my absence from internet land I've been enjoying experimenting with and wearing 'jelly sandwich' style nails .. I'm really enjoying getting use out of some polishes I had once deemed too transluscent to do much with.. I am now going to the back of the nail polish drawer to dig them all out and layer them with glitters and give them a new lease of life.
This look is a mix of sponging and jelly sandwich technique, I really love the richness of the colours. It's super similar to Cosmic nails (but I really liked those aswell so that's fine by me).
When I say 'jelly sandwich' it's when you paint your nails in a coloured shade, do a layer of glitter on top and then a final layer of colour over the glitter. It works well with certain shades and polishes and creates a deep kind've mystical effect. (I used it for mesmerizer nails back in July for a different look).
Hope you like them and I will be back soon with some more nail art and step by steps (Oh and a decent picture of my new ring ;-) yay!).
sorry again to anyone who'd been wondering where I'd gone!


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  1. hi, Bonita! I am so so happy for your good news of engagement! Come on, this event is worth abandoning your nice blog...:) I was missing you and your beautiful nail designs!
    Yes, please, do show us your ring.
    Hugs, Anna.

  2. haha Thanks,the ring is really cute I will include in next post..thanks for your comment!

  3. Such a good idea. Great for some older or lighter colours which normally need two coats.

  4. Beautiful!!! Congrats on your engagement....glad you are back :)