christmas chic


I have been feeling festive this week, starting some present shopping, wearing a snuggly wooly jumper and putting up my awsome christmas tree..all good stuff, I've been wanting to do some festive designs all week but only got round to it today (dont worry it's not going to be all christmas mania until the 25th..but I couldn't resist getting a bit jolly to celebrate December arriving!)

Sorry I don't have a written tutorial for you though - I painted my nails with a gold, white, red and green christmas jumper pattern and my sister got red and white candy cane stripes. I didn't have enough time/light to do pics all the in between steps ( trying to be sociable ^_^) but hope you like them anyways! 



Happy December everyone - back soon!


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  1. they look sooo yummi :DDD let me know when u r in town :) im up for xmas latte :)