Elf nails!

More nails...t'is the season to be festive and these nails are FESTIVE! I call them elf nails for obvious reasons but they were inspired by the candy cane nails I posted earlier ( I was kinda jealous that I didn't have them!)  So here's a mix of jolly fun and simple elfish designs to have a go at.. oh yeah and theres some sparkly gumballs in here too!

1) Paint festive base colours in alternating order.
 2) Once base colours are dry begin painting details using your festive colour palette apply 1st round of details to each nail.
 3) Move on to the 2nd round of detail: add red bow detail to 'present', 2nd colour stripe on candy canes.
The red glittery 2True polish is a really nice rich juicy red..but you can't quite see it in the pics :-(

I used a fine nail art brush and dotting tool for the details.
 4) Final step is to coat with a clear top coat being careful not to let the patterns bleed in together at this stage. Let it all dry nicely and you're done!... time to get merry!!!!
I love the gift wrapped design and the little elf sweater!
Polishes I used:
Barry M - 290 spring green
2True - shade 2 (red)
Rimmel - nail tip whitener
Rimmel - 60 sec clear top coat


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