manicure and pedicure course

Today I am fighting off a cold big time, I have such a stiff, sore throat and neck but despite all this I am a happy happy girl!
... Finally I have taken my first nail related course (first of many I hope to do in the new year) I have spent quite a bit of time looking for a course I could do along-side my full time job, I came across the 'Lash and thread' company online and found the prices and application process really reasonable and quick compared to many others I've seen, I had to first of all do the most basic course of manicure and pedicure to allow me to take more advanced courses in the future.. So today I went for this first course it was great, the day just literally flew by so quickly! We had a small class of 4 so the tutor was able to spend time making sure we all got it and also ;Lisa the tutor we had was just a really lovely friendly lady anyway, I found her to be really down- to-earth, helpful and an approachable teacher (it makes such a big difference to have a pleasant teacher in whatever it is you are learning!)
So I have a big smile and big thank you to lisa and Lash and thread!
 All I can say is that I just wiiiisshh I had found/taken this course years ago! I feel more confident to enrol on more advanced or specific courses now and broaden my horizons even more.
 I would recomend anyone who is looking for a course to have a look at the lash and thread website, they hold courses in different places round the UK not just Brighton (though I was lucky they had the course I wanted to attend in my town) and it was fun, I definatley learned more than I thought I would in the end... so if your thinking about it... I reckon just go for it!!!!


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  1. Well done chica! I'm super proud of you! :)And this means I can now say my nails are done by a certified manicurist!
    Hope your stupid cold clears up soon! atleast it'll be gone by xmas. xxxx

  2. Well done!!!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. thanks for the comments guys! and if anyone out there is ill right now...I can recomend the green 'kiwi,apple and lime' Innocent smoothie!!! soo much nicer than throat medicine! and has a ton of good stuff in like pineapple grapes,spinach...nettles! lol sounds gross but tastes rly good and I swear its a good medicine!!!
    bonita bon bons

  4. Congratulations, beauty therapy is a very hard qualification to achieve! I studied it many years ago and boy was it challenging!