glamorous gift wrap nail look

 Christmas is getting nearer, I cant help loving all the lush glittery, gold and shiny things everywhere I look! This nail look reminds me of sheets of luxury giftwrap for my nails. I got the gold beauty uk polish as an early christmas pressie and I just love how metalic it is. I haven't really done many looks with a mix of metalic colours so I was curious how it was going to turn out but I like it, it's festive but not too much like XMAS.XMAS.XMAS! ^_^

1) Starting with the nude colour paint the whole nail. Allow drying time and then using gold paint the top half of the nail and again leave to thouroughly dry.

 2) Next I began to build up squares on top of the gold section using the other metalic polishes in a random pattern.

 3) I applied a second coat to the squares when I was sure they were dry - to make the blocks stand out.
 4) Finally apply clear top coat to fix the look and enjoy!

Polishes used for this look:
nails inc - Basil Street
beauty uk -  56 Aztec
Anne & Florio - 33 (copper)
Anne & Florio - 95 (cream/pearl)
2True - shade 2 (red)
2True - shade 4 (purple)
Collection 2000 - 329
H & M - petrol
Rimmel - 60 secs Clear top coat


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