Clock nails

Hi again everyone, hello to any new followers out there! I created some new nails based on a popular look from my blog from last year, this design will be winging it's way over to the shop just as soon as I edit the pics ... so you will be able to purchase this look yourself in your favourite colour/s... or mix it up with the other designs from my pic'n'mix range. 
The clocks change at the end of March in the UK (don't know if it's the same everywhere) and I cant wait to get those extra sunshine hours in my life!! So I felt like the clock nails were due a comeback.
Hope you like them, I'm really loving wearing rainbow nails this spring, they are so cheery I definitely recommend trying a rainbow *skittle look if you are feeling a bit down and dreary!
*Skittle = a manicure were each nail is a different colour. 
 So no need to look at my watch today! I will be looking at my nails instead... haha hope no ones expecting me to be on time though ^_^
 It is so hard to paint perfectly round clock faces on your own nails!... even harder to paint them onto my right hand... so if you decide to buy the false nail version of this look I can categorically tell you that your nails will actually be better than mine lol!
Now for a pressie for all my loyal readers!... Anyone who wants to purchase nails from my shop can now receive a 30% discount on any purchased items (for the next 30 days), using this coupon code at the checkout : BLOG30 
AS always, Thanks everyone for reading and supporting my blog (and shop), it really makes all the difference when I see that lots have people have popped over to get inspired by a look or when I read your lovely comments, it makes me really happy -  and a big THANK you to everyone/ anyone who has shared my posts on Facebook/blogger/twitter - you might not realise what a big favour you are doing but it makes a huge difference to how many people get to see my work and for that I'm really grateful! Thanks and keep on spreading the word! x


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