Spring sherbert nails

Hi guys, hope everyone is full of the joys of spring (or whatever season you're in).

 I did this simple glitter manicure in nice fresh spring/sherbert colours...
...and I have a tutorial for the technique after the pics so you can give it a go if you like it.
First choose a base polish that matches your choice of glitter, I used purple, green and blue  iridescent glitters but any fine glitter works great, even loose eye glitter or body glitter works's all basically the same thing.
1. I painted 2 x coats of green polish and allow to dry (it doesn't have to be perfect coverage the glitter will mask most of it).
2. For this step, first lay down some paper to collect any loose glitter that will fall - make sure your glitter is ready near by and you have something to apply it with, I use a fan brush (in pic below) to pick up the glitter but I'm sure other implements work just as well...
 ... Apply a coat of clear polish (I usually do 1 nail at a time) and before it drys pick up some glitter and sprinkle it over the nail until completely covered.
3. Shake any excess off on to the paper.
4. Repeat on all nails, and allow to dry.
5. Once the glitter layer is dry, brush of any remaining loose glitter - I use a brush but you can just rub gently with your fingers although the brush means I get a bit less messy.
6. Apply another coat of clear polish to the nail (to avoid transferring glitter in to your nail polish bottle you can wipe off the brush on to some scrap paper - but if you have brushed off most of the loose glitter as suggested it shouldn't really be an issue).
 ...Add another thorough sprinkling of glitter to the clear polish.
7. Once again allow to dry and brush off any excess loose glitter so it's nice and neat.
8. The final step is a final coat of clear polish to hold everything in place and give the glitter that extra sparkle.
This technique is really easy and fab in any colours you like. You may remember seeing the hot pink version in my mobile phone cover nail series and I thought it was about time to share with you how to do it and how simple it is too!
 I'll be back soon take care x


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  1. Your nails look so yummy I want to eat them. :D I'd like to try this out when I have the time. Thanks for sharing!