Happy neon fish nails

Hiya, Got a new look to share today ..

 Firstly though, a big Happy Birthday to my sis. 

 it was her birthday yesterday... which inspired me to do Pisces nail art, even though they didn't turn out to be specifically 'Pisces' nails it's still a pretty c cute fun design.

I created a similar look a while back when I created my Little mermaid nails using nail art stick on decals, this time I decided to opt for painted fish, because the background came out well and has a nice gradient I didn't want to cover it up with fish that will be to big  but I wanted to make sure the fish still stood out as the main focus of the look so I thought neon fish would be perfect.
I love (real) neon fish they are so cool how the seem to glow it really amazes me when I see them swimming about, they're small and dainty but always catch your attention when you see them in a tank, I painted them first in white and then added bright pink/orange/yellow touches to each fish before finishing with a dark polish for the eye and a shadow below the fish.
I wanted to include some plants or sea weed in the design but I didn't want it to be as much of a focus as the fish so I painted on some subtle greenery before I had finished creating the base - so I applied some of the final layers of sponging over the top of the seaweed to help it blend into the aquatic scenery before beginning with the fish detail.
I've been busy busy busy painting nails for the shop (if you haven't checked it out yet you can do so HERE and I now have a permanent button at the top right of my blog which takes you straight there)  I'll have more to share here soon until then have a nice weekend x


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  1. Oh wow, those are adorable!! Love these so much :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your sister! :)
    The nails are pretty and cute :)