Space oddity nails

Hiya, Hope everyone's having a nice week.. 

....and if your in the UK I hope you haven't been
snowed in too badly! (and if you were...I hope you're free now)!
There was such a sudden burst of snow here in Brighton - no one was prepared for it and then it just kept on falling... it's not unusual to get snow fall in March but it was pretty heavy so road chaos ensued (as usual), I live on a hill and it was actually pretty scary seeing everyone struggling to get home safely - I think it's the snowiest I've seen it since I've been living here but it was gone as quickly as it came!
These nails came about because I had to buy a new black polish so I wanted to do something dark but I didn't really plan it out too much in advance if I'm honest.
First I used white and mauve to paint the nails in full, on top of that I applied the (nice new) black polish - leaving a border around the sides and cuticle edge. To inject some glam into the design I added a coat of mixed glitter polish to the black areas and completed the look with a clear top coat.
The finished design looks so space-y ... it wasn't intentional to do another cosmic theme but it reminds me of looking out of a spaceship window or maybe looking at the stars through a space helmet?
I couldn't decide what to call the look but without really realising it at first I had started singing a song and got it stuck in my head '....This is major Tom to ground control... I'm stepping through the doo-ooor...'  haha it's a great song by David Bowie about floating in a spaceship so I named the nails after the title - Space oddity 'cause it seemed appropriate and I'm pretty sure my nails were the reason I was singing it anyway.
I really like the look it was quick and simple to create is basically a simplified version on my Eye of the storm nails from last year.... but with glitter..yay!
Hope you like them and I'll be back soon with something new to show you!


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  1. Very pretty design. Very nice idea to make it out of space a little, it creates wonderful visual effect!