holiday nails

 A really quick post this week as I've been away. These are my holiday nails, I chose candy pink with glitter tips for a few days away.

1) Start by applying a clear or nude base coat to all nails and allow to dry.
2) Next use a pale pink polish to paint the tips - use a 'sweeping' motion to carry on the line down the outer edge of the nail toward the cuticle (but tapering off before the bottom). I painted the pail pink lower than my natural tips would be.

3) Using a darker shade of pink polish I repeated step 2) just slightly higher up on the tip to create a border.

4) Using a dense pink glitter I paint the very tips of each nail, apply the glitter more heavily on the inside edge of the nail (the side pointing to the thumb) and let the brush stroke fade out. I applied a little extra sparkley glitter on top to give it more dimensions.

5) Clear top coat to finish and away you go! Holiday time! enjoy x

what I used:
Revlon - 031 Lilac Pastelle
Famous - 02 Pink Candy
Claires cosmetics - pink glitter
Claires cosmetics - crystal glitter
Rimmel 60 secs - 740 clear


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