Chevron nails

This look is easier than it first appears, you will need a steady hand but no specialist equipment is required. The look is achieved using the nail polish brush flat on the nail to create geometric patterns. I took a while choosing my colours - the possibilities for this look are endless but I wanted something fun, I like the block colours trend so I went for a super vibrant contrasting scheme here. (I sketched some outlines to try out how the colours looked together which I found reeaallly helpful actually) a list of the exact polishes I used can be found at the end of this post.
1) Paint a base of your choice of colour/s and allow to dry. (I used pastels so that the bright colours will stand out more later).

                                                                                    2) When you're sure the base is dry you can apply the pattern on top. I thought it'd be alot easier just to show a pic of the stokes I used:
apply the polish in neat rows, keep the brush edge flat for a really good sharp zigzag
Don't have too much polish on the brush as this would make it harder to get sharp corners and the pattern will look rounded.
Leaving a space in the middle so the base colour is showing through repeat on the other side of the nail.

3) Apply second coat onto the side sections to get maximum pop out of your colour choices.

4) Finish the look with a clear top coat and you're finished ^_^ 
(you will need to clean up any polish thats around the fingers with a cotton bud and some nail polish remover.. best to wait till every thing has dried before attempting this).

I have had soo many compliments on these nails so hope they work out for you if you give them a go.. Enjoy.

What I used: (sorry I still need to add some details here but this is the basics)
Barry M - peach
Barry M - pale blue
Barry M - blue
Barry M -yellow
Barry M - bright pink
Famous - candy pink
H&M - Mustard, Purple, Petrol
Revlon - Tropical temptation
Rimmel - 60seconds clear top coat


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  1. Lovely!
    So happy to see you back!!

  2. Thanks for the comment! take care back soon x