sky dancer nails

Hi it's been a few months since I last posted.. I'm back to natural nails again which I'm happy about,(haha well natural as far as 'not stuck on'). I got a bit of a candy pink nails obsession at the moment but I thought I'd try mix it up with some different colours for this look.

1) I start out with a base coat of sally henson microfibre nail polish ( this is great by the way, it smooths out the ridges or any imperfections on the nail surface).

2) Next I painted alternate nails in candy pink and jade green, wait to dry.

3) Using pale blue Barry M polish I paint a diagonal stripe up to the tip of the nail.

4) To finish the look I use this LOOOOVELY new Maybeline express polish (it doesn't photograph well at all compared to how nice and icy/mermaidy it looks in reality).
Paint neatly over the blue section, I applied a few coats gradually for MAXimum  shiny ^_^

So neat and sparkly I love this look more than I thought I would, the colours look great outside in natural lighting (the photos don't really do the glitter justice it's really hard to capture..but trust me!)

back soon with some new ideas for you as soon as I can!


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