Retro fun time - lava nails

I designed 10 individual funky retro inspired nail art styles. I'm using a lava hot and quirky colour scheme (I'm loving this colour combo so hope you can get inspired too).

 1) Painted my base colours using the peach, coral and grey.

(thumbs are both peach)
 2) Next add detail with my secondary colour choice, for the white I used nail tip white paint which has a nice thin job for detail, the coral and grey are both revlon so have a pretty fine brush aswell.

3) Allow time for the first 2 layers to dry thouroughly before building up the patterns.

sorry about the lighting in these photos...eek!

 4) As always finish up with a clear top coat to seal the look and your finished! Hope you enjoy x

What I used:
Barry M - 318 Peach Melba
Revlon - 091 Smokey Canvas
Revlon - 093 Tropical Temptation
Rimmel - Nail tip whitener
Rimmel 60sec - clear top coat


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