Fireworks nails

These nails are inspired by all the fireworks in the sky this weekend... even though they drive my poor dog craazzy... they are still rather pretty and sparkly, so here is a quick tutorial on how to have your own mini (silent) fireworks display in the palm of your hand (kind of) to enjoy without even having to go stand around in the rain.. Hoorah!
1) First I paint a base coat and apply this purple polish to all of my nails for the 'sky'.
2) When the purple is dry you can start your mini fireworks display, I selected 4 nice dense glitter polishes in pink, green, blue and red (claires accesories glitters are on my hot list at the moment!) I applied the glitter polish by dropping a small dab where I want the center of the firework explosion to be and gently dragging outwards in roughly a star shape but I wasn't too precise. Try not have too much glitter on the brush or it will look like a blob instead.

3) Next I want to make the explosions look as sparkly and glittery as possible so I add a crystal glitter polish in the same way as I did the colour polishes but just slightly less. I wanted to use it as a highlight - not covering the whole design over.

4) Still not satisfied with the intensity of the look I decided the fireworks needed a final touch of loose glitter, I chose a gold loose nail glitter. You need to be sure the rest of the design is totally dry before you start with the loose glitter or you'll end up with it just sticking all over the nail where you dont want it.

I just applied a bit more of the clear frosty glitter polish from step 3 in smaller areas, using a soft brush I picked up the glitter and touched it on the edge of the fresh polish and gently dabbed/dragged it into the desired position.
5) Finally you will need to add a coat of clear top coat to protect the look and that’s it.. Hopefully you'll get a few ooh's and aah's for your mini fireworks too! Enjoy.

* OOoooooh Sparkley!*
 What I used:
H +M- Purple
Barry M- 297 blue glitter
Barry M- 150 red glitter
Claires accesories- pink glitter
Claires accesories- green glitter
Claires accesories- crystal/frosty glitter
GOSH- 02 gold nail glitter
Rimmel- 60 sec clear top coat


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  1. These look really cool! I'll keep it in mind for NYE:)

  2. glad you like them they're simple to create, thanks for commenting!