Cupcake candy nails

Here is a quick one to try, had to do it in a bit of a rush for my sister so we only got photos of the end results but it's pretty self explanatory. For this design I used a fine nail art brush for the detail - a cocktail/cuticle stick can be used instead though.

1) I paint the nails all over with white polish and leave to dry.
2) Using the different coloured polishes I paint small flecks over the top of the white base to resemble candy/sugar sprinkles.
3) Last step is the top coat - be careful all the colours are dry if you are using different brands of nail polish they'll take different times.

cupcake sprinkle nails!
The nail polishes I used :
beauty uk 47 white
beauty uk 49 blue moon
MUA 16 pink
Revlon 093 Tropical temptation
Rimmel 280 sunshine
Barry M 290 green
Barry M 308 berry

I'm liking this design it's pretty fun, I'll probably be trying it on my nails at some point pretty soon I reckon!


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  1. so cute! I would just want cupcakes all day looking at them

  2. give it a go its cute for the summer weather and not too hard to do the right hand coz its just dashes, thanks for the comments guys! x

  3. How do you apply the little sprinkles? Just with the brush or with a toothpick or such llike?
    They are so so sweet! I definitely want to try.

  4. I used a fine nail art brush for the detail but a tooth pick or other wooden stick works fine.. just watch out for drips and I find it works best when the base coat is CompletleY dry. its not so hard really :-)