daisy flower power nails

Flower Power, the park is full of pretty little white daisies and looks so inviting this time of year! I decided to make this crazy daisy themed nail for my sister so she can feel all the joys of spring even while she's at the computer blogging... the park is at her fingertips! I found this one quite straight forward to do.. It really doesn't matter if the flowers are a bit wonky and not identical because once the whole look is finished  it doesn't show (anyway it's more realistic, right?!)

1) Paint a base coat of Barry M 290 spring green (if you like green- this one is  for you it's so bold and fresh its really bright!!)

2) Let to dry completely, then using a fine nail art brush and I used Famous 21 white polish I painted the daisy petals in a random pattern onto the green and let dry.

3) Grab a nice bright yellow I used Barry M 307 Lemon (in Boots it was 2 for £5 last time I went in- if your interested!) I used the nail art brush again and just did yellow circles in the centres of all the flowers, let it dry and do a second layer on those to make them really stand out on the white.

Add your clear top coat and their done.....pretty cute I think!
maybe not for the workplace? but definitely fit for the park/ picnic/ BBQ/  etc and I know where I'd rather be ^_^  so hope everybody else is having a good time this Easter week and that you might find time to give these a try.. and head to the park to be at one with the grass lol enjoy!
Thanks Betty for being a good hand model again x
So that's me for today back soon with more nail art - have a great week!


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