Fabergé easter egg nails (#1)

Hi again, First things first: Happy Mothers Day to my mum, you're the best and you should know it! Thanks for being a totally amazing mum, friend, person, crafter etc... and for making me! much appreciated (by everyone)! love from me xx

I'm in love...
Right now for the nails: As you can see I have another look to share. Hooray, totally inappropriate for my job interview tomorrow but actually it's better to get this out in the open straight away with any future employers - yes this is how my nails look aaallll the time (I wish!) these nails are inspired by Fabergé eggs, which I love to look at pictures of and choose which one I will (never) get ;-) but a girl can dream! haha. well as well as it being eastery and me being on a bit of a gem-stone binge at the moment you will probably notice it is another pastel colour scheme.. I'm just addicted to pastel nails right now and I think you will just have to learn to love it for the time being...sorry! Above is a pic of the end look, but I will add another 1 soon my beautiful (photography) assistant has left me for the weekend so big apologies for the non-awesomeness of the photo quality hope it's O.k.

The nail colours I used are as follows:
Revlon 028 Minted
Revlon 031 Lilac Pastelle
Revlon 042 Sunshine Sparkle
Revlon 345 Peach Smoothie
Revlon nail care top coat
beauty Uk 49 Blue moon
Barry M 308 Berry

First I painted my base colours - unfortunately I forgot to take a pic (wheres my damn assistant?), next step adding the secondary colours on top. I added eggs on one, a horizontal stripe, painted the tip on another, 2 diagonal stripes on the 4th and left the 5th nail blank.

The last step mainly took alot of time in deciding how the  diff gem colours would look next to each other and the lay- out (I always have to get some felt pens out and start working out my design that way). Once I had figured that out I just took it 1 nail at a time to avoid mixing up all my gems - I use a coat of clear top coat, carefully applied gems, wait to dry before finishing with of course a thorough top coat and they are done. Ready for... well ready for anything I reckon with these babies (except manual labour... or washing up.. please god nooo!) O.k so please try this, especially if you like day dreaming - or just giving the finger in style lol joke - no don't tarnish the pretty nails reputation with naughty behaviour, I think Fabergé eggs are for ladies and princesses so be good! have a great week whatever it brings x



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  1. OMG! Insania! These are awesome, I'm coming back right now to see them in person! :D

  2. You have done an outstanding job! I love seeing creative nail art talent pushing boundaries. Keep up the outstanding work!

  3. THANKS I appreciate all the nice comments I'm glad people like them as much as I do!