Animal friends nails

Hello everyone so this week I am full of spring energy and its making me think of all the cute lil animals and purdy things like that, my design is a bit kooky this time so I'm sure it's not for everyone but it has a few different animals you could try on your own nails... you could always just do 1 animal on a 'feature' nail and that would be super cute too if you just use nice tonal colours.

1) First base coat in whatever colours you like .
I used:
Revlon 345 Peach Smoothie
Revlon 028 Minted
Revlon 042 Sunshine Sparkle
Barry M 308 Berry
BYS 145 lilac bliss (looks dusty pink/mauve)

(The polishes I used for the details are listed below also)

Famous 21 white
Revlon 031 lilac pastelle (cheeks)
Revlon clear top coat
Nails supreme navy blue nail art pen

2) Using my new white polish I create the animal faces: I was trying to make a bunny (purple) bear (green) cat (yellow) baby bunny (pink) chick (peach). Its easy I just start with the ears , start from the centre of the nail (top of ears) and paint the stroke toward the nail tip, for the face just do as though your doing a french manicure tip and voila animal faces!

3) Using the pale pink Revlon polish I add cutey pink cheeks to each face.

4) this is the hardest bit sorry guys you do need a steady hand, I used a navy nail art pen to draw super happy little faces on all 10 nails. The nail art pen is good for detail but admittedly a little hard to apply the right ammount of pressure needed when I'm painting my awkward hand. For this you can use a cocktail/ cuticle stick or fine nail art brush to do the faces if you dont have the pens (and you might even find it easier than I did!)

5) Okay so we made it past the hard step.yes it really was a pain but the fun bit is next! making sure as always that the faces are ABSOLUTLEY positively dry (because you don't wanna mess it up now ...not after the hard bit!!) paint a clear top coat over the nail (I did 1 at a time and had all my gems ready to go so it's easier) and apply the gems how ever you think looks cute , I have a lot of different gems and pearls but this would look just as cute with just the 1 heart or star on each animal I'm sure!

It seems like my cat was pretty interested in them too! either that or she just wants to be a model! so I decided to give her some fame instead of just the nails for once...hope shes happy! ^_^

 Hope you enjoy the design and post and give it a go yourselves its nice having all these little smiley guys cheering me up all day... feeling down? not anymore hehe not with 10 little animal friends to take along on your merry way!


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  1. so funny...cute I love them ;) especially in this easter time :)

  2. Oh my gosh, these are SO amazing! <3
    Love your blog ^_^

  3. thanks cookie button! right back atcha! x