Water marble technique

Hiya girls (and guys?) hope everyone is happy today. I have decided to share a nail art tehnique with you which I learned last year... I have seen lots of videos on utube for this technique and some people use different names for it but I'm going to just show you the way I know and the name 'water marble' I really hope you will like this as much as I do! It takes a little practice, patience and it's not the quickest technique in the world but still well worth setting some time aside for and I promise people will be so impressed!

To start with I would advise making a clear area to work in (put some old papers own to save you table or rug - I don't wanna be responsible hehe) and get all the things you will need to use in preperation:
-vaseline/petroleum jelly
-cotton buds
-plastic tub with room temp water in (use something disposable, it will get polish on it)
-nail polishes
-cocktail/cuticle stick
- nail polish remover + cotton wool pads for cleaning up!!!

it's not essential but it's quite handy having a buddy around for this because sometimes I have got in a right mess ;-) say if the phone rings you're going to struggle! but as with everything practice makes perfect so good luck!

1) paint your nails in a light base colour, I use white for maximum effect.

2) let it dry, take the vaseline and using a cotton bud apply to your finger all around the first nail, avoiding the nail surface at all costs! so now you will have 1 slimy finger with a base coat of nail varnish clear from vaseline but ther rest of finger (up to 2nd joint or there about) should have a layer of vaseline- this will make cleaning up alot may not believe me on that yet but you'll see.

3) Grab your plastic pot of water ( use room temp water), slightly undo the nail polishes you will be using because this is impossible once you have more vaseline on you!

4) Ok so using the surface of the water in the pot as your canvas you will start by taking your first colour of polish and dripping 1 drip onto the water surface- it will probably spread out a little (it varies depending on brand but I'm sure you will soon get an idea of which of your polishes work best in this technique- I have found barry M and Nail inc. brands work well).

 5) Repeat the drip step with 2 to 3 more colours of polish, each time aim to drip inside the circle of polish you have created in the it will look something like a blob shaped 'target' .
6) This step is cool, just take a cocktail stick and drag the tip through the nail polish you have set-up, you should be able to make swirly patterns- just experiment.. it is not an exact science!
- at this stage it is common that something has gone wrong (nail polish choice/water temp/??) you will be able to tell because you wont be able to make swirls it will just crinkle up, if this happens just use your cotton buds to clean the water by basically swirling it in the water and dragging the 'skin' of, just try again maybe just drop the polishes in a different order it may work or try some other ones (basically don't be dis-heartened!)

7) Yay so you have made a crazy swirly pattern on the water and its looking good right..exciting.. now remember I made you coat your finger (NOT THE NAIL) in vaseline- well using that finger to start, you need to hold your hand above the water make a fist above the tub and release the finger of choice straight down through the pattern and leave it setting in the water while you grab a cotton bud in your other hand and clear away the left over stuff in the tub away from your finger so you can take it out safely.


8) TA DAH! awsome well the nail and finger tip are all marbled now, using cotton pads you can wipe carefully around the nail and remove most of the excess on your finger this is because the vaseline/ petroleum jelly can just be wiped straight off with out using nail varnish remover.

9) repeat the steps again for the rest of the nails. you can do 2 nails at once if your swirly pattern looks big enough on the water but I thought you should try single finger first for practising, I really hope it went well for you if you tried it following my method.
You can get some really pretty, original, one of a kind nail art designs at home all by yourself and wow the socks off your friends!...

10) when your done cleaning of the vaseline and all 10 nails are set and dry just add the usual clear top coat to protect the look , next step is go show EVERYONE how proud you are! don't forget to tell them Bonita bon bons taught you though!  ^_^   bye guys enjoy!

Water Marble technique by Bonita bon bons.


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  1. wow!
    That looks soooo good!
    Great colours too!
    Thanks for the tutorial

  2. So awesome and super impressive! and all whilst simultaniously solving the world of crime via CSI ;)
    Great tutorial hon! xx

  3. I am good at solving them crimes ;-) aren't I... she did it...look how scruffy her nails are.. lol

  4. This is really cool! So in such way nail polish still dries perfectly? :))) Nice tutorial!

  5. yes it dries fine just like normal polish.. soon I will do a new tutorial for this technique as I think my photos have improved a bit since I made this post and I would love to make some more marble nails for the blog. glad you enjoyed the post and thanks, check back in the future for an updated version ^_^

    1. yes, I think this technique is very unusual hence interesting :) will be waiting for your new pics and tutorials!

  6. Well, i tried water marbling two days back. It didn't happen. The nail polishes I have are too thick and they become stiff very soon so I'm not able to make any pattern on the water surface. however will try to do it with another nail polish soon :)