Royal mint nails + Give-away!

Hello hope everyones been having a good weekend! I got a few new nail bits and bobs through the mail so I've been happy as larry playing with all my new treasure ;-)
 I decided that seeing as it's the royal wedding coming up on the 29th of April and Kate + William are giving us a bank holiday off to have fun, that I would join in the celebratory atmosphere. I've painted up these pearly princess false nails and aswell as the usual tutorial I will be giving them away to a lucky winner (who will be picked at random). Full details of how to enter can be found at the bottom of this post - Good luck and hope you like the royal mint nail tutorial of course!

1) I painted the base colours of pale purple on the right hand and mint on the left - the ring finger (3rd finger) on each hand is painted in the alternate colour.

The nail polishes I used were:
Revlon 028 Minted
Barry M 308 Berry
beauty uk 47 white
clear top coat

(I hope the photos dont confuse anyone - I am using a right hand
model for both sets of nails, sorry)

2) When dry, I paint the tips white like a french manicure. On the right hand ring finger paint the top half with the mint polish - repeat on left hand but with pale purple colour on top half of the ring finger.

3)Again make sure its well dried before painting purple tips on the right hand (leaving a strip of white showing) then do the same with the mint on the left hand.

4) Paint a white stripe across the centre of each ring finger (3rd finger).

5) I have chosen to use purple and green heart gems, smaller purple and green round gems and white pearls for the detail - I also use a clear top coat and cuticle stick to pick up the gems.

-I paint a stripe of clear top coat along the thin white strip on each nail (one nail at a time though) and attach the heart gem, followed by the pearls in a line either side, keeping them neat along the base of the white line
-Next paint the top coat above the line of pearls- up to the tip and attach the pearls that are above the heart, repeat this step on the lower half of the nail so the heart gem is set all round with pearls now.

6) On the ring finger I paint a stripe of clear top coat over the white stripe, using the small round purple and green gems I make a line of alternating colours through the middle of the stripe, I stick a line of white pearls above and below the coloured gems .

7) Let the whole thing dry really well...although you should be half way there if you keep letting it dry well between each step ^_^ and apply a final top coat then your all set!.. for a royal wedding!
...or a coffee morning with the girls (just as good!)

SO to enter the give-away and win the false nails shown here (and a tube of nail glue) all you have to do is:
-Follow my blog (if you don't already)
-Leave a comment on this post telling me the answer to my question:
             If you were royalty for the day what would you do?

It's just a bit of fun to celebrate anyway so I really hope some people enter, even if you don't normally wear false nails you could have a princess day just once? or give them to a princess you know who deserves them or hey even frame them... tiny works of art for a nail art lover! so pleeeaaasssseeeee ENTER! tell your friends to enter eveybody is WELCOME!
The closing date will be the 29th of course so theres lots of time to enter and to get everyone you know to enter lol OH my god maybe Kate Middleton will enter....does anyone know if she has nails sorted yet?.. should I draw the giveaway sooner so she's not put off entering?! well unless she lets me know, I'll keep the draw on the 29th of April and post the winer the same day, Comment below!


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  1. I'll start it of: if I were royalty for the day I would probably get my nails done with real diamonds.. and go for coffee and (princess) cake with my princess friends lol why not!

  2. I wish i had long nails.... love it!