army barbie nails

This design is my army barbie cadet chic nail look lol ..if barbie joined the forces I'm pretty sure she'd get these.. after all khaki goes with everything haha..even leopard print!
 Start with your base colours, I choose khaki, light brown, peach and dusty pink (brands listed below).
 I applied my first layer of details using the same colour palette as my base colours, I used a fine brush for the detail and a dotting tool for those perfect spot patterns.
 add the final details,(outline on leopard print & hearts, 3rd colour on the canouflage nail etc). again using a fine nail art brush and dotting tool .
left hand

right hand
....and that is my army barbie nail look! hope you like it, I'll be back soon with something new for you all to try, bye for now!

what I used:
Barry M - peach melba
BYS - lilac bliss
beautyuk - 32 khaki
beautyuk - 39 light brown


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