painted lady nails

 Painted lady nails, I wanted to create a lace or doily inspired nails, I choose a simple design in my favourite candy pink, white and a nice sparkly glitter on top. Today I took my pics in the garden (oh my gawd...such better light! duh me!)

what I used:
flutter - pink candy colour
beauty uk - white
claires cosmetics - glitter
dotting tool (for detail) from ebay
 This is my pretty business card, I made it on vistaprint mix and matching a few template images. I love them..but I am biased ^_^ I hand them to people who compliment my nails when I'm at work but I just realised I never shared them on here, sorry guys! but here you are check it out (don't they go well with my nails today!)


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  1. I think these may be my favorite of the ones you've done! So so pretty!
    And the cards are cute too

  2. Hello there, we met this evening in your workplace, you gave me your card! I am totally going to try these out as a tribute, possibly even tonight! Loving what I have seen so far, and am still reading enthusiastically. Thanks very much x x