Burberry style nails

This look is my take on the iconic Burberry style check pattern. I used a pale gold for the background to bling up the look and I'm really happy with the results, it's January... I'm skint but at least my nails look classy haha! I tried to take clear step by step pics this time but the easiest way to recreate this look would probably be to look online for the Burberry print to use as reference.

1) Paint gold base, I decided on having 1 accent nail in red on each hand to mix things up a bit.

2) Using a white polish (I chose one that was slightly transparent so it wouldn't be to harsh) paint on partial crosses... keep the angles of the lines at 90 degrees as much as possible for a neat finished look.

3) With a fine nail art brush and pale brown polish I paint 3 fine lines over each white stripe.

4) Next use the fine brush and bright red polish - paint on your red lines cutting across the lines you already have painted.
I also added detail to the red nail in gold and dark red, to tie it in with the other nails.

5) Use a dotting tool to add a darker red dot at the point where the lines cross - do the same with a dark brown to accent the cross over points on the brown lines.

6) Finish with a glossy clear top coat to seal the look and your done! remember to allow plenty of drying time between each step and good luck!

What I used:
Barry M - 320 foil
2true - nail tip white
beautyuk - 39 light brown
accessorize - 27 fire cracker
nails inc. - hamstead heath
flutter - (dark brown)
rimmel - clear top coat


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