ink spot nails

Hiya everyone , here's a quick design to do. I used a couple of dotting tools in different sizes for the black... they make dots soo easy lol ...anyways hope you like them ^_^

I couldn't resist using this pretty flower in some pics the colours are so tropical!
This look kind've put me in mind of when I had to try and write with a cartridge pen in school and I'd shake it to get it going an inevitabley end up with this inkspot look all over my work (and shirt) sucked back then but I'm really liking the grown up version on my nails!!!
I used:
beauty uk - 26 (yellow)
beauty uk - 17 (pink)
Revlon - tropical temptation
2true - shade 4 (green)
flutter - candy pink
MUA- shade 2 (black)


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  1. I love these so much! Great job xo

  2. Have just fallen in love with your blog! Brilliant stuff - I've always loved painting my nails fabulous colours and now I HAVE to try some of your designs!

    Lara Xoxo