DIY hounds tooth water decal nails

I have been being crafty with nail stuff today (my favourite day off activity!) I finally made some water decals which has been on my to do list for ages! so Yay for that! I didn't do a step by step yet because I wanted a trial run first but soon I will do a water decal tutorial for you guys because they're pretty simple and cheap on ebay if you want to just buy some - I wanted to make my own because it felt like a cop out using some other designs on my blog. I'm happy with the results.. the thumb decal got a bit creased I was a bit rough on that one (oops) but like I said this was a run through and first time I made the decals so I'm HAPPY ^_^ and hounds tooth is cool, I'm soo totally over any fears I ever had about black nail polish hehe!! hope you like them...
This is a pic of the different sized decal print outs I made while I was cutting them down to size.... you might be able to notice a sneak peak of some other bits and bobs I want to experiment with!!
Other products I used were black nail polish by MUA and a generous helping of Sally Hansen diamond strength nail hardener.. ( I'm addicted to using this as top seems to keep the designs on for EVER..well nearly).
Have a great weekend everybody!


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  1. So cool and also love your bracelets. You should blog about jewellery too :)

  2. thanks for your comments and awards ..i appreciate it..glad to be keeping my audience entertained x

  3. Awesome! Well done! You're so's probably in the genes ;) xx