bollywood babe nails

Welcome back to my sister Polly! she returned from India with these awesome bracelets (amongst other treasures) it's great to have her back (I made her these cupcakes!) ..I'm seriously jealous of all the adventures and amazing things shes been up to for the past year or so - all the photos and things I've seen so far have been really awe inspiring! I'm really glad she had the chance to travel around and follow her dreams..good for you Polly! These nails are dedicated to her, they are my Bollywood babe nails and they are seriously dreamy!
 I used one of my new (since christmas) faves Accesorize - shade 27 Fire cracker and topped it off with one of my old faves Maybelline - 840 Flash Cosmic which is just an amazingly errm cosmic ^_^ glitter polish that looks great with everything..but to my dismay never photographs as good as it looks!
Have a great weekend everybody!


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  1. Aw, I like this post! Yay for Polly bein back, and thanks for the link :) I haven't had any bonita nails for over a week, so you should do them soon, you can choose what you do and I'll pay you in pudding! (I have microwavable puddings and no microwave, ha!) See you tomorrow night xx