Gel Polish

I've been busy again doing another nail course, this time I did a gel polish course with Lash and Thread company (same as before) it was interesting.. I already have the UV light and bits and bobs (many many bits and bobs) that I've been practicing with so it was good to get some professional training as opposed to youtube and searching forums to find stuff out all the time! I'm lucky to always have models to practice on - and for my first couple of times using Shellac I think I did pretty good (time will tell!) The green colour looks really nice up close I put glitter polish on top but its hard to capture on camera.
I think I like changing my polish too much though for gel polish all the time.. and I don't have tons of colours to experiment my nail art with, for me I will prob keep the gel polish but in a natural colour next time and just do my usual nail polish nail art on top? Again, I guess I'll see how that goes.. I'm really new to the gel polish concept - I had heard about Shellac soo much but only just learned about it properly on Friday.

I think the Shellac makes for a really nice glossy finish and smooth texture, it's really easy the actual application (just remebering the prep is important) but it's just like regular polish which you use a UV lamp to dry in between each coat instead of it drying by itself.. I hope it's say's up to 2 week so I'm curious how good my first attempts will be ^_^


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  1. Well done you xx Im a beautician and must say I love doing training xx I find it very exciting xx
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