Russian doll nails

Hi all, todays nails are inspired by Russian folk art, I was given this gorgeous little black box as a present and I reeaally wanted to create something similar... I think they turned out pretty cute! I hope you like them too. I wasn't sure about the black background at first because it seemed so harsh but in the end result it really made the look work.. Im pleased! 
1. Start with a black base coat on all nails.
2. Next I used a fine brush and a dotting tool to begin the details, the leaves will look better when more green is added.
 3. Here I have used a darker green on the leaves and a larger dotting tool to begin the roses.
 4. I added a darker red in the centre of the roses.
 5. Add another round of pink on top of the red parts to create the edges of the petals and finish with tiny white dots in the middle of the flower and also along the yellow stripe.
6. Final step is to add a clear top coat  and they're done... I love these nails!
 my russian doll seems un impressed ^_^
What I used:
MUA - black
beauty Uk - yellow
beauty Uk - green
beauty Uk - bright pink
beauty Uk - white
H and M - berry
2True - lime green


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  1. WOW!!! That is one of the best nail designs I have seen EVER!!!! Mkaes me want to get all my hand painted/decoupage boxes out.

  2. Eeee, this is so lovely! I love that look :D i really want to try it!

  3. BEAUTIFUL. I'd never be able to do them as lovely as you have :( nice work missy! Xoxo

  4. thanks for all the lovely comments guys.. I have been to the dentist this morning (grooaann) and these comments have really cheered me back up! THANKS everyone!

  5. These are amazing! I love seeing how you put it all together to get the end result :)

  6. are very talented!!

  7. I love these nails! As soon as I am Russian, it's also so pleasant to find small pieces of your own culture all around the world:) Thanks!
    There are many other Russian art techniques you can get inspired from. Like this one, called "gjel'":
    Just scroll down the page, there will be pictures below.

    1. thanks glad you like them and thanks for the link aswell, I had a look I always appreciate seeing new atyles of art and pretty things,some of the pics were rly cute thanks for sending me the link.

    2. Not at all :) Glad you found link useful.