Tropical teaser nails

 I got this new polish in the FAMOUS by Sue Moxley range it's shade 10 (my others have names but I can't see one on this ).. I really love the colours available - it was really hard to choose but I think this hot pink is just sooo nice and juicy/ fruity like, it makes me think tropical thoughts! Also this colour had really even coverage when I applied it.
 I started out planning to do a step by step today and I totally forgot to take my pictures ^_^ I was just chatting on painting the different parts and then like...uh oh oops!! so sorry about that it's not a tutorial but I hope you like them anyway - I'm blatantly going to have to get more of the polishes in this range after pay day, I'm still thinking about all the nice colours! I am satisfied with my choice for now though, I couldn't wait to try it with some rainforest green leaves and bouncing berries... It's official - I'm ready for summer now please ^_^
 Here are the polishes I used:
I used the white under the green leaves to make the colours pop, I love the effect of layering up colours, especially for flowers and leaves like this.
back soon with something new, stay tuned!!


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  1. It looks great and very summery. You must have a very steady hand!

  2. Love your blog. I just followed you! I recently started my own blog and would love some feedback or a follow back?! Thanks so much!

    Justinerawr, xo