Oranges and lemons nails

Tasty little oranges and lemons with daisies on a sky blue back drop, I still have my russian doll nails  but I've been keeping busy on everyone elses hands. These nails are super summer-y but I think I'm a bit ahead of my's snowing quite a lot outside! the citrus fruits seem appropriate though seeing as everyone's got a cold..maybe I should call them vitamin C nails!? ^_^
1) start with a blue base, add leaves in the same way as in Russian doll nails tutorial.
2) I added peach dots for oranges and 3 yellow dots for each lemon (1 large and 2 small dots each side) alternatively on each nail.

 3) I used a shimmery orange polish on top of the peach to finish the oranges. I used a white polish and a small dotting tool to create white daisies, finishing each with a mustard dot in the centre.
 4) Finish with a couple of coats of clear top coat and you're good to go!
Hope you like them!


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