Love hearts nails

     Hiya I've got some lovely pink nails for pink day!
This design was inspired by another fab nail post I saw recently on Ash-Lilly's Lacquer Lust (the link takes you direct to the wicked post which inspired my look) Her nails are seriously long and elegant I strongly reccomend checking out her blog if you like your nail art!
I wanted to make my own version of the look and I've been practicing these gemstones recently so it didn't take to long to figure out a nice mix and match pattern to use.. I've been waiting to do some peace signs for ages now but not had the right design in mind so I finally satisfied that craving aswell!!
The colour in these pics is soo off.. in real life they are neon pink in these photos they look more like coral.. I did these in the evening and pink is just impossible to photograph acurately with any of the lighting available in my flat, so I just took them as they came for the step by step, I thought the daylight shots would come out truer but it's still not right.. why is pink so weird to take photos of?
Check out my step by step below, for some good clear pics of the designs:

1. I started with a nice neon pink base as bright as I could get  ^_^ 
2. I painted on my basic shapes with a fine brush - I painted the outlines first before filling in.. which I find really helps.
 3. I gave the shapes another coat of white so they were nice and bold, also straightened up any areas that needed work.
 4. I used a fine nail art brush and black polish to carefully apply detail.. I can't even believe it myself that I managed to write the 'love' on my right hand..I can't believe I even attempted it but somehow it worked! but I have been practicing alot of detail recently.
 5. I used the white again to finish the mini stars on the left index finger/right pinky finger - and a tiny bit of fixing on the 'e' in 'love'.
 6. After making sure the black was thoroughly dry I added a glitter polish on top, I tried to keep the glitter thinner over the little designs so they wouldnt get lost..eek.
 Here are some close ups from before I applied top coat.
got so many comments on these today at work - strangely popular with men/ boys and little kids(is that a fail? lol)... and then disater struck...
just aaaaarrrggghhhhhhh! I will say nothing else on the matter!.. (I may have a little cry though)
Obviously I will be back double soon with some more nails for you, hope you liked these while they lasted.. I did ;-(  waaaaaahhhh


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  1. Hello :)

    I love these nails will have to do these :) I will need to practice though I don't have this much of a steady hand :'(

    What did you do to your finger?

    How do you keep your nails so strong? You always have them long and strong in every update, I have recently cut mine and they have already all broken? There is no way I can do nail art if my nails keep breaking :'(
    also what nail polish remover do you use?

    thank you xx

    1. ooh boy oh boy my nails aren't always strong believe me.. but I take care of them with hand cream and try not to bash them around to much.
      Nail varnish remover: theres 2 main types these are - acetone and non - acetone, for everyday use you should aim for the non acetone kinds they are less harsh on your nails especially if yours are prone to breaking.
      I also always keep a nail file handy in case I get a snag and tidy the edges to stop them getting further damaged.
      As for the plaster.. that was not soo bad in the end..more of a nail art injury lol I fixed my nail with glue and you can see in my new post that is un-noticable (phew)
      hope this helps with your questions!