Totally tropical print nails

 Hope you like these tropical flower print nails.. I got the inspiration from the amazing dress from Lipsy pictured below, as soon as I saw the colour combinations I knew I had to make a nail design based on it! I really think I might buy the dress too but for now the nails will have to satisfy my tropical temptations!
 1. I started with shimmery black base.
 2. Begin to add detail in white with an ultra fine nail brush.
 3. Build up the floral  design in white, using dotting tool and a slightly wider brush in places.
 4. Next time to begin building up the gorgeous colours!
 5. Keep going with your colour scheme buliding up the detail in layers until you're happy.
 6. Remember to add your clear top coat to finish the look and achive maximum wear out of your manicure!
Sooo I hope you like them as much as I do... I'm totally pleased with the finished look, it was fun painting these except I had to go out half way through to have dinner with my parents  - hence the slight gap in the building up colours part of the tutorial ^_^ but it was pretty free- style anyway.
Back tomorrow with some more nails x


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  1. This looks utterly beautiful! I love the dress inspiration xxx

  2. Hi! I LOVE this design! So nice and so neatly done with all those tiny flowers on the side.
    I am eagerly waiting for some nail polishes to come so that I can try one of your techniques :)