a bit about Barfi!

These nails are inspired by my new found love for Barfi/ Berfi (pictured below) which is a type of milk based Indian popular sweet or dessert. I am absolutely loving this stuff not only because it tastes amazing but also because it looks so cool!
 -I definitely knew I had to include the pink/yellow and green type because oooh it's just so pretty (and yum)
-the middle finger nail has silver diamonds to represent the way that some types of barfi are commonly decorated with silver foil and cut into small diamond shapes (although there's none of those ones in the box I pictured)
-The orange nail is meant to look like that crazy orange swirly thing in the's not my favourite one to eat because its really sticky but I love the look and the colour contrast!
- The thumb and little finger nail represent pistachio speckled barfi, they are just layered up dots in green/pinky/purples.. I went for an artistic interpretation rather than trying to make them 100% realistic.
 When I find a sweet or dessert that I fall in love with I pretty much always have to give making it a try, I love to cook things that I've only just discovered it's so much fun.. I had no idea how this would turn out as I was going along haha there were some surprising moments ^_^ but in the end it worked! hooray! ..although it definitely isn't quite as awesome looking as the shop brought version at the top!
I know I looks rubbish haha but trust me it's all in the taste! I used crushed monkey nuts on top of mine because I couldn't find pistachios today and I was desperate to make this dish.. no matter- me and my boyf both love monkey nuts..I think it's good to put your own spin on recipes sometimes!
I wish I used a slightly pinker pink.. I only did these nails on 1 hand I have to admit.. I just really wanted to give them a try since I laid my eyes on my first tray or pretty coloured barfi. I hope you like them.. I know they're kinda random..what can I say haha enjoy x


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  1. this is a really unique design and i love the range of different patterns to represent the different textures :)

    1. thanks! they're pretty random but I like's a different style for me but I enjoyed creating these!