Minnie Mouse nails

As I said in my last post I have another nail look to show you already, this time its my take on Minnie Mouse themed nails as suggested/mentioned in my blog comments by Claire (dreams are Necessary) I really like her much cuteness in one place ^_^  As for the nails... I kinda wanted to do a cute Minnie Mouse character on the accent finger but just couldn't get it how I wanted it... so in the end I went for Minnies bow instead.
I think these nails work better for an evening look as they're quite bold! I thought they'd look super girly but actually they came out kind've vampy in the end.  The trickiest bit was keeping the white line nice and neat.
-I started with the black base, added white in the same way as for a french but a bit lower down the nail.
-Next I painted a bright cherry red over the white tips leaving a thin margin, I used a dotting tool on top to add the white spots.
-BOWS  I used white polish for the base colour, creating a basic bow shape with a wide dotting tool.
-I colour the bows in red polish before adding the white spots with a small dotting tool,
-Last step, I used a fine brush and black polish to paint in some detail to the centre of the bow before finishing with a clear top coat.
The only problem with this look was that its really tricky to photograph black reeaallly reflects the light and goes so shiny so it took a while to get the lighting figured out for these pictures, I'm happy with the pics I got in the end though, perseverance paid off (when it seemed like it was never going to happen at one point) It makes me like the photos even more..coz I know I worked hard for them lol!
I messed around with the brightness on this one it seems more gothic lolita style than Disney but I wanted to include it because it's a clear shot of the bows on the thumbs.
Hope you like them, they've been and gone now so there will be more (yes) soon (2 days off woo!) I just had a few posts ready at the same time for once so the order got muddled up..
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  1. I LOVE them so much!!! You are so talented!
    Next time I visit Disney Florida I'm doing my nails like this!

    1. Thanks for the inspiration..this idea had been bumping around my head for a while and not quite managing to get out so as soon as i saw your comment I just knew it had to be done! glad it gets approval haha!thanks for your comments and entering my giveaway x

  2. Replies
    1. thanks the nails on your profile look great too..they co-ordinate nicely with these ^_^

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